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Leah is a British chick who came over to Hollywood, trying to make it big on the big screen. But like most aspiriing actors and actresses in Hollywood, she failed to become significant and was destined to wait tables at the Dennys. However before dawning the greasy apron, she decided to give acting one last chance on the small screen ....the really really small screen of internet perverts. Like with any whores we drove her around in a make shift van and picked up random dudes for her to 'practice' her craft of sucking dick and fucking dick...stranger dick to be exact. I have to give her props for actually being talented enough to feign being slightly aroused when some of the most vile men on the planet where fucking her British pussy.

We found those hobos spanking the monkey in the
adult video shops and we gave them a chance to get
their way with real and famous pornstars, insane!!!

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